CSPromod med ny changelog annonsert

Det er få dager til den nye versjonen kommer ut for nedlasting.

Det har tatt lang tid og nå skal vi endelig snart få prøve ut CSPromod 1.05! 31.Januar vil du kunne laste ned dette spillet og prøve ut de nye endringene. Spillet har blitt forandret betraktelig siden siste versjon og endringene kan du se under.

1.6-Style Player Models

Added custom Counter-Terrorist model (SAS)
Added custom Terrorist model (L337 KR3W)
Custom Animations Set

Custom User Interface Design

Added a new team selection menu
Added a new elegant buymenu
Added a new custom scoreboard
Added a HUD scheme manager
Added a classic HUD option
Added green name for POV killer for easier kill confirmation
Added numeric view to team info HUD when there are more than 5 players on each team
Added hud_player_icons cvar if you want the option to force numbers on it
Added in-game chat window to match CSP style
Refreshed the main menu background
Tweaked the radar to not show own player’s name
Tweaked various HUD icons

Revamped Menu Tab System

Dropped the old system to build our own custom platform instead
Added custom “Player”, “Binds”, “CSP”, “Audio” and “Video” menu tabs
[PLAYER] Added live dynamic crosshair preview system (size/color)
[PLAYER] Added nationality system (250+ country flags added)
[BINDS] Added double-binding functionality
[BINDS] Tweaked the clear key to affect both primary and alternative bind
[CSP] Added POV killer’s green text for easier kill notification (switchable with on/off)
[CSP] Added option for the buy menu (switchable with compact/fancy)
[AUDIO] Added icon cues for which surround setting you’re using
[AUDIO] Removed all irrelevant options
[VIDEO] Made all options available by default
[VIDEO] Added quick way to display which DirectX version is running

Revamped Movement System

Added vertical jump velocity slowdown to mimic CS 1.6
Overhauled the air strafing system to mimic CS 1.6
Reworked the ducking code to mimic CS 1.6 while fixing “Silent-Running”
Tweaked vertical jump speed to match CS 1.6
Tweaked tagging (player slowdowns upon being shot) to match CS 1.6
Tweaked player coordinates for double ducking and ducking while in air

Revamped Ladder System

Crouching at the top of ladders now sticks with immediate ground recoil
Crouching on a ladder is now the same as air crouching
Fixed bug that caused players to get stuck at the bottom of ladders
Fixed player returning to the top of the ladder when trying to get off from the top
Removed the ability to climb the sides of a ladder

Weapons Enhancements

Added the Steyr AUG
Added the Steyr Scout
Added the Sig SG552
Refactored pistol cooldowns (more CS 1.6-like on the spread)
Tweaked crosshair cooldown
Tweaked the AK-47 and Desert Eagle accuracy slightly
Tweaked the weapons rate of fire to match CS 1.6

Modified Grenades

Added HE grenade in hands upon death falls to the ground and explode
Tweaked the projectile flight
Tweaked double flash throw delay to match CS 1.6
Replaced the default CS: Source HE grenade model with a “classic” cylindrical grenade
Reworked the smoke grenades to not allow players to hide in the middle of them

General Changes

Ported CSPromod to the Orange Box Engine
Added 1.6-style Orange Box blood goosh particles
Added localization files to help translate the game
Added functionality to allow all players including the planter to stand on the bomb
Added the ability to open a door with the bomb or a weapon (even on CS:S maps)
Added a “The bomb is already being defused.” notification
Added mp_limitteams
Added a more optimized version of Valve’s bullet/water shots effects
Added directional awareness to death animations
Added a big csp icon for the Steam 2010 update
Added custom JPEG library for spraypaint importing
Added transition from animation to ragdoll upon death
Defaulted tickrate to 100
Removed planting the bomb making the player crouch
Reverted event log to Valve’s default
Reworked network settings
Rewrote the bullet penetration code and improved upon it (Post Orange Box)
Tweaked the area of picking up weapons to match CS 1.6


Fixed all decals to fit with the new textures path /materials/decals/
Fixed cubemaps not being built by default
Recompiled all maps with new OB options resulting in better lighting and shadows


Added csp_aztec to the official CSPromod map rotation


Fixed boosting exploit that allowed you to see T spawn from long A
Fixed boosting exploit that allowed you to see mid from T spawn
Fixed B window making it easier to go in/out of it to match CS 1.6
Fixed displacements that allowed you to jump on top of the box/small wall at B
Fixed boosting exploits near T spawn
Fixed missing CSPromod logos
Fixed various graphical glitches
Fixed a couple of reflection issues
Tweaked the stairs textures to break linearity


Fixed rotating door having some textures appearing black
Fixed rotating door not closing automatically, now does so after 4 seconds
Fixed some misaligned textures
Fixed some sandbox displacement being too low, allowing you to hold balcony from this spot
Fixed T ramp displacement being too high allowing you to see above the crate
Fixed ladder entities not touching the handrail causing glitches
Fixed vent strength and size to match CS 1.6
Fixed not being able to crouch under the sandbox wooden bridge
Fixed some models rendering distances
Fixed bombsite B displacements being too high allowing you to jump directly on top of the small wall
Tweaked T house pillars geometry to make the railing to box jump easier
Tweaked B bombsite to give slight increase in FPS


Added csp_lite to the official CSPromod map rotation


Added the flash trick above squeaky door
Added the SK boost
Fixed the missing texture on top of the squeaky door
Fixed the side textures of the squeaky door appearing black
Fixed upper vents size to match CS 1.6
Fixed vent ladders height to match CS 1.6
Fixed hut window size to match CS 1.6
Fixed vents strength, it now takes 2 hits with primary knife attack to break them
Fixed red rock bugs
Fixed not being able to plant the bomb on top of upper bombsite big crates
Fixed multiple incorrect block sizes near red rock, the red rock jump is now possible
Fixed being able to climb on the sides of the ladders
Fixed light model progressively disappearing near ct side ladder
Fixed lower window being breakable by only one hit, it now takes 3 hits with primary knife attack to break it
Fixed unrealistic shadows at the lower corridors
Fixed being able to jump on top of the outside red crate
Fixed misaligned model in radio room
Fixed missing player clips
Fixed upper bombsite support model rendering distances
Fixed misaligned vent textures
Fixed the emulate flash


Fixed overlapping roof brushes
Fixed train wheels models not being lit properly and appearing black most of the time
Fixed inner bombsite pillars not touching the ground
Fixed visual glitches
Fixed outside red train position
Fixed the 1 unit gap between some ladders and trains
Fixed the outside floating bomb box
Fixed the small gap between train wheels and its structure
Replaced some decals with brandnew ones


Added csp_aim_akcolt to the official CSPromod map rotation


Fixed playerclips on the side truck doors allowing people to go outside of the map
Fixed barriers making the viewheight jump when running against them
Fixed small lighting issues on the aim series model


Added csp_aim_awp to the official CSPromod map rotation


Added csp_aim_pistol to the official CSPromod map rotation

Bug Fixes

Fixed sv_pure related issues
Fixed cl_soundscape_printdebuginfo crashing the game
Fixed grenades not behaving correctly when thrown at ladders
Fixed exploit allowing players to not take any fall damage
Fixed several crashes (post Orange Box)
Fixed view height inconsistencies (Post Orange Box)
Fixed crouch hitching at the beginning of a duck (Post Orange Box)
Fixed incorrect falling viewpunches (Post Orange Box)
Fixed broken zoom sensitivity (Post Orange Box)
Fixed dropping the bomb while crouched forcing the player to stand
Fixed the weapon select menus appearing beneath the scope texture when scoped in with an AWP
Fixed USP’s crosshair not enlarging after applying silencer
Fixed AWP’s crouching/scoping causing the player’s screen to glitch
Fixed team name color formatting
Fixed game logic causing the round_start doubling/tripling
Fixed bomb/weapon not dropping consistently upon player death
Fixed player glitching upon walking over the planted bomb
Fixed player speed during 2 AWP shots
Fixed in-eye spectating to match the observed player
Fixed grenades sometimes disappearing in unclipped walls
Fixed sounds played when entering/exiting water
Fixed the buy/radio menu overlap
Fixed some fonts not resizing properly on game resolution change
Fixed player chat filter not being applied
Fixed death animation not being reset properly if round restart is issued while playing a death animation
Fixed weapon spawnflags in the FGD
Fixed radio chat message localization
Fixed a few console text errors
Fixed AWP FOV not resetting on round restart
Fixed fall damage console command
Fixed some advanced menu panels making the game crash

Tweaks/Minor Changes

Added log_warmod_format for admins wanting warmod style
Attack2 now ignores weapons with no alternative fire
Cleaned up autoexec.cfg all relevant things are hardcoded now
Defaulted sv_specnoclip to 1 so that spectators are no longer blocked by walls
Fixed fps_max not being marked as archive
Fixed spraypaint section icon missing
Flash overlay no longer covers the crosshair, chat and death notice when flashed
Forced numpad pass-through remapping for buy, radio and team menus
Grenades no longer clip on dropped weapons
Recolored all radar map overviews to a green color scheme
Reduced the zoom value for all radar map overviews to match CS 1.6
Tweaked weapon/bomb dropping gravity
Upped sv_maxrate to 131072 (1Mbit)

Hvordan tror dere denne versjonen av CSPromod blir? Kan dette spillet ta over etter CS 1.6?

Kilde: catchgamer.no/

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