Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is going to release in first quarter of 2011 as per schedule. Upcoming racing video game and will be the sequel to Test Drive Unlimited. Test Drive Unlimited 2 includes some amazing characteristics like dynamic weather effects, day and night cycles, and vehicle damage.

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One player takes the control of vehicle while the other player reads the map through SUVs and a co-op game mode. Player has to go through up to all 60 levels by gaining points in order to finish it. Points can be scored by 4 ways Competition (racing, completing challenges), Social (making friends in the game, race against other people, joining clubs), Discovery (discover all roads, take photographs of specific locations, find all car wrecks), Collection (buy cars, houses, furniture, clothing). Also by performing stunts, drifting while turns and dodging player can earn some extra money. Player can also change their physical appearance dress and hair colors etc. The game location consists of two islands Ibiza and Oahu and both islands models are close to the real structure by using satellite data. New vehicle classes are included, such as SUVs for off-roading. Not all vehicles are obtainable however; clubs can get exclusive club cars when reaching high ranks. These exclusive vehicles, such as the McLaren MP4-12C, Gumpert Apollo, Aston Martin One-77 and James Bond’s very own Aston Martin DBS can be driven by any member of the car club and not by players from other clubs. The original game sported motorcycles that were quite hard to control.

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